Prop A Signs Disappearing?

Prop A SignsProp A Signs Disappearing from lawns of La Costa homes?

The vote for Carlsbad’s Prop A is coming up on February 23 and there are heated arguments throughout Carlsbad, both pro and con–though it appears the vote will result in a positive one. There is much disappointment, though, among Prop A supporters in La Costa who are seeing their signs in support of Prop A disappearing.

At issue is whether the south side of the Agua Hedionda Lagoon can be carefully developed with an 85-15 plan that would allow only 15% of the land (near the freeway) to be commercially developed, leaving the famous Strawberry Fields intact and creating a hiking trail (that currently does not exist) along the south side of the lagoon for visitors. Additionally, fertilizer and pesticide residue that runs off the strawberry field during rains would, with the development, be filtered so that our lagoon waters remain more pure. Add to that, the removal of invasive and non-native plant species that would be replaced with native flora.

Nordstrom has already requested to be the anchor store for this outdoor shopping and dining venue and we are told that local and unique restaurants would be favored over chain restaurants such as the Cheesecake Factory. One in the plans is a farm to table restaurant that will bring local produce and protein to diners.

There is also unofficial buzz that the development of this center and the opening of hiking trails around Agua Hedionda Lagoon will have a positive effect on La Costa and Carlsbad real estate values. Only time will tell if this comes to fruition or not. But it certainly shouldn’t do any harm. Much opposition appears to be coming from nearby Westfield Mall, where loss of business is feared.

We wet to the Visitors Center earlier this week and while there took some photos and did some additional research. Below is a short video we had fun producing–and for what it’s worth, Prop A has our vote!