Carlsbad Drone

Groans for La Costa Homes and Drones

Drones were apparently a popular gift this year for La Costa folks. They are buzzing around in parks, and occasionally overhead. And now we hear of merchandise that may soon be delivered by Amazon drones. In Amazon I trust, but not the errant drones that mistakenly of mischievously fly over my home. And what should

Prop A Signs Disappearing?

Prop A Signs Disappearing from lawns of La Costa homes? The vote for Carlsbad’s Prop A is coming up on February 23 and there are heated arguments throughout Carlsbad, both pro and con–though it appears the vote will result in a positive one. There is much disappointment, though, among Prop A supporters in La Costa who
Bella Lago Sign

Original Aviara Home Prices

Aviara home prices have never been inexpensive, but in the rear view mirror they were once a bargain. Aviara, located in south coastal Carlsbad, was and still is a premier planned community (just west of La Costa Resort) with current home prices starting in the $600’s and topping out at over $2 million. Of course, many
Mountain View Town Homes on Romeria

La Costa Condos and Lender Approvals

La Costa condos have recently been a problem for Carlsbad Realtors and their buyers–especially when it comes to financing. Lender approvals can sometimes be tough if no VA or FHA financing is available. During the Great Recession, many home owner associations let their FHA and VA approvals expire–perhaps because some of the offers on these condominiums
La Costa Edge Pool

2016 Membership Costs for La Costa

As long time residents and Realtors in La Costa, we are frequently asked about membership costs for  La Costa Resort and Golf Course. Initiation fees for this Omni resort can vary somewhat throughout the year, so we cannot quote them here. However, as members we just received the 2016 schedule for monthly dues and quarterly